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Hydostatic Test Adaptors
Product ImageProduct Code Product Description
P-HYD-TEST-ADSET Full Range as a set in a Red Metal Powder Coated Box
P-HYD-TEST-AD1 Suitable for External Thread-Firemaster,Blazemaster & Exelgard
P-HYD-TEST-AD2 Suitable for Wormald(Sentry) 4.5 to 9KG & Firemaster 2.3 to 9KG
P-HYD-TEST-AD3 Suitable for 4.5 Kg to 13.6Kg DCP Kiddie
P-HYD-TEST-AD4 Suitable for Wormald(Sentry) , Firemaster 1.1KG DCP
P-HYD-TEST-AD5 Suitable for Blazemaster 1.1 to 4.5 KG DCP (SV) Alum & Brass Head
P-HYD-TEST-AD6 Suitable for 2.5KG to 9KG BFI & Foton
P-HYD-TEST-AD7 Suitable for Blazemaster 4.5 to 9KG DCP (LV)Alum & Brass Head
P-HYD-TEST-AD8 Suitable for Quell Aluminium Cylinder
P-HYD-TEST-AD9 Suitable for Quell Steel Cylinder
P-HYD-TEST-AD10 Suitable for Chubb Powder 4.5KG
P-HYD-TEST-AD11 Suitable for Exelgard Co2
P-HYD-TEST-AD12 Suitable for Powder Water Foam-Chubb, Quell, Exelgard