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Product ImageProduct Code Product Description
HR-1 Hose Reel Guide Arm with plastic rollers
HR-2 Hose Reel Guide Arm metal red painted
HR-3 Flexible Hose Reel Guide Arm
HR-4 Aluminium Guide Arm with metal ring
HR-5 Extension Guide Arm Complete with fittings
HR-6 Nozzle Holder metal zinc coated
HR-7 Retainer Clip Spring
HR-8 Hose Clamp 19mm Zinc
HR-9 Hose reel Locking Set (3 pieces)
HR-10 Hose Reel shaft-Brass
HR-12 Nozzle Retainer Clip (Fig 7-metal)
HR-13 Nozzle Retainer Clip (Fig 8-metal)
HR-15 Hose Reel Circlip (Fig 8-metal)
HR-16 Hose Reel 'O' Ring
HR-17 Stainless Steel Welded Rings
HR-18 Fig.8 Plastic Ring
HR-19 Hose Reel Instruct Plate Plugs (3 set)