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Fire Extinguisher Services & Spare Parts
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Bags UV Coated Red Rexine

PFEB-P-9 Clear plastic bags 9KG UV treated
PFEB-P-4.5 Clear plastic bags 4.5KG UV treated
PFEB-R-9 Red Rexine bags 9KG UV treated
PFEB-R-4.5 Red Rexine bags 4.5KG UV treated
PFEB-R-CW-9 Red PVC thick Rexine bags 9KG with clear window UV treated
PFEB-R-CW-4.5 Red PVC thick Rexine bags 4.5KG with clear window UV treated
Replacement Bands

Wall Brackets

W1 J Hook- Red Powder Coated Wall Bracket
W2-L Powder Type- Large Wall Bracket
W2-M Powder Type- Medium Wall Bracket
W3 Co2 Pin Type Wall Bracket
W4-L Large Slot Wall Bracket-Heavy Duty
W4-M Medium Slot Wall Bracket-Heavy Duty
W4-S Small Slot Wall Bracket-Heavy Duty
W5 Wormald Wall Bracket
W6 Swordsman 'D' Head Wall Bracket
W7 Quell 2.3 KG Wall Bracket
W8 Chubb 2.3 KG Wall Bracket
W9 Air/Water 9KG Wall Bracket
W10 Wormald Wall Bracket
W11 Wall Bracket
W12 Wall Bracket
W13 Wall Bracket
W14 Wall Bracket


HAN-1-EX Lower Handle (4.5 Kg/ 9Kg)
HAN-2-EX Upper Handle (4.5 Kg& 9Kg)
HAN-3-FG Lower Handle (2 Kg - 9Kg)
HAN-4-FG Upper Handle (2Kg - 9Kg)
HAN-5-C Lower Handle (2.5Kg, 4.5 Kg & 9Kg)
HAN-6-C Upper Handle (2.5Kg, 4.5 Kg, 9Kg)
HAN-7-Q Upper Handle
HAN-8-Q Lower Handle ( 4.5KG and 9Kg)
HAN-11 Co2 Handle Wormald


HRN-1 Wormald Conical Bakelite Horn
HRN-2 2kg Horn With Diffuser
HRN-2-A 2kg Horn Without Diffuser
HRN-3 2kg Co2 Horn With Diffuser
HRN-3-A 2kg Co2 Horn Without Diffuser
HRN-4 Foton 2KG Hose / Horn Assembly
HRN-5 Swivel Elbow for chubb Co2 2KG Extinguisher Without adaptors for older quell 2.3 Kg
HRN-6 2kg Co2 Horn
HRN-7 2kg Co2 Hose / Horn Assembly
HRN-8 Co2 Horn Aluminium Powder Coated


P-FILL Filler Tube
P-DIP Dip Tube/ Syphon Tube

AS1851 Maintenance Date Tags(80mm X 40mm)

P-DT-A Aluminium Date Tags
P-DT-P Polyproplene Date Tags
P-DT-S Self Adhesive Vinyl Date Tags
P-DT-AF Aliminium Foil Date Tags

BA Maintenance Record Tags(95mm X 40mm)

P-DT-P Polyproplene Date Tags

Hose Test record (80mm X 40mm)

P-HT-A Aluminium Hose Test record Tag
P-DTG-P Date Tag Pouch
P-HTS-A Aluminium Hose Tag Strap

Tags, Pins & Pings

P-PTG-A Aluminium Pull Tags
PULL printed both side of the label
P-OR-25 25mm dia o Ring
P-OR-32 32mm dia o Ring
P-CNR-B 4" Brass Chain for pins with rings
P-SP-M Safety Pins Metal - All types
Neck-Ring must be fitted to fire extinguishers at the completion of the pressure test/ service. The collar can only be fitted to the extinguisher neck after the extinguisher head has been removed

This provides a guarantee that the service has been completed on the required date and to AS 1851 Part 1, and, negates all possible fraudulent activites surrounding the full completion of service.

The collers can be printed with your company name at a small extra cost.

Number Pouches

P-MTN-P Maintenance Tag Number Punch

Anti Tamper Seals

P-ATS-R Red Anti Tamper Seals
P-ATS-O Orange Anti Tamper Seals
P-ATS-B Blue Anti Tamper Seals
P-ATS-GN Green Anti Tamper Seals
P-ATS-GY Grey Anti Tamper Seals
P-ATS-Y Yellow Anti Tamper Seals
P-ATS-W White Anti Tamper Seals

37mm Diameter Gauges

  P-37G-620 620kPa Pressure Gauge
  P-37G-690 690kPa Pressure Gauge
P-37G-700 700kPa Pressure Gauge
P-37G-1000 1000kPa Pressure Gauge
P-37G-1030 1030kPa Pressure Gauge
P-37G-1034 1034kPa Pressure Gauge
P-37G-1345 1345kPa Pressure Gauge
P-37G-1350 1350kPa Pressure Gauge
P-37G-1400 1400kPa Pressure Gauge
  P-37G-1500 1500kPa Pressure Gauge
  P-37G-1620 1620kPa Pressure Gauge

30mm Diameter Gauges

  P-30G-620 620kPa Pressure Gauge
  P-30G-690 690kPa Pressure Gauge
P-30G-700 700kPa Pressure Gauge
P-30G-1000 1000kPa Pressure Gauge
P-30G-1030 1030kPa Pressure Gauge
P-30G-1034 1034kPa Pressure Gauge
P-30G-1345 1345kPa Pressure Gauge
  P-30G-1350 1350kPa Pressure Gauge
  P-30G-1620 1620kPa Pressure Gauge

23mm Diameter Gauges

P-23G-700 700kPa Pressure Gauge
P-23G-1000 1000kPa Pressure Gauge
P-23G-1350 1350kPa Pressure Gauge

Retainer Clips & Hose Clips

P-HC-1 Retainer Clip Co2 Horn
P-HC-2 Retainer Hose Clip

Hoses Fire Extinguisher

P-CB-2.5 DP Chubb 2.5KG Dry Powder
P-CB-9 DP Chubb 9KG Dry Powder
P-CB DP Dry Powder Chubb
P-FM Firemaster 2.3KG - 4.5KG
P-FM-9 9KG Firemaster DCP
P-FG-CO Fireguard CO2
P-FG-3.4 CO Hose for 3.4KG CO2 Ext/Fireguard
P-EG-DH Exelgard 2-2.3 DCP HOSE
P-EG-W-DP Exelgard Wormald 4.5KG - 9KG Dry Powder
P-QL-2.3DP Quell 2.3KG Dry Powder
P-QL-4.5DP Quell 4.5KG Dry Powder
P-QL-9DP Quell 9KG Dry Powder
P-QL-WH Quell Water Hose
PW-DP Wormald Dry Powder
P-W-CO Wormald CO2
P-W-OLD Old Wormald

Spindles Schrader Valve Accessories

S1 BM Air Water 9KG
S2 Q Valve Stem Mk4 9KG
S3 Wi DCp Spindle
S4 W.S. up to 2.1 KG
S5 C DCP 1995 Onwards
S6 C DCP Series 90 BV
S7 FM BV DCp Water/Foam
S8 WD 9 & 4.5 KG Sentry
S9 BM 2.3kg - 2.5kg (4.5KG Old)
S10 C1, 1.5 & 2.5 KG Aluminium DCP
S11 C 11.4Kg
S12 Q 2Kg CPF Valve Stem
S13 EX 2.3 KG DCp Valve Stem
S14 WD 9L Air Water BV
S15 BF 9 KG Valve Stem
S16 BF C02 VS 3.5 & KG
S17 KD 1.1-9KG
S18 Foton CO2
S19 C C02 VS Current Model
S20 BF Valve Stem to Suit 1Kg
S21 WD (NON US) 9Kg
S22 C DCP Small
S23 Q CO2 Old
S24Q Aluminium
S25 Ex 1 KG
S26 FG 2-9KG Spring outside
S27 New EX 9 & 4.5 KG
S28 Old EX 9 & 4.5 KG
S29 Q CO2 New
S30 KD 4.5 KG - 13.6Kg
S31 FG CO2
S32 FM All Types
S33 CO2 All Size FS
S34 FM CO2
S36 New Spindle
S38 Schrader valve
S39 FG Fixed Nozzle SV2 & SV3



S38-A Schrader Valve Insert
S38-B Schrader Valve Opener
S38-C Schrader Valve Opener
S38-D Schrader Valve Opener