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Fire Hose Reel
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Fire Hose Reels are designed to provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire risk. Fire Hose Reels comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS1221. Fire Hose Reels consist of a fully extendable hose length of 36 meters, a nozzle fitted at the end of the hose enabling the operator to control the direction and flow of water to aim at the fire.Fire Hose Reel has the features of an user friendly ball valve shut off arrangement, thus enabling the maximum flow of water to the hose with just one movement of a ball valve lever, a nozzle. Easy installation by our simple wall mounting bracket.

Standard Specifications

Hose Lenght : 36 Meters  
Hose Diameter : 19MM  
Approval : AS/NZS 1221  
Minium Inlet Pressure : 220 kPa  
Test Pressure : 1700kPa  
Maximum Working Pressure : 1000kPa  
  PFHR-001 36m Fire Hose Assembly
  PFHR-002 50m Fire Hose Assembly
  PFH-36 36m, 19mm Hose Only
  PFH-50 50m, 19mm Hose Only