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Product ImageProduct Code Product Description
HRN-1 Wormald Conical Bakelite Horn
HRN-2 2kg Horn With Diffuser
HRN-2-A 2kg Horn Without Diffuser
HRN-3 2kg Co2 Horn With Diffuser
HRN-3-A 2kg Co2 Horn Without Diffuser
HRN-4 Foton 2KG Hose / Horn Assembly
HRN-5 Swivel Elbow for chubb Co2 2KG Extinguisher Without adaptors for older quell 2.3 Kg
HRN-6 2kg Co2 Horn
HRN-7 2kg Co2 Hose / Horn Assembly
HRN-8 Co2 Horn Aluminium Powder Coated