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Fire Hoses


EXCALIBUR is a popular choice for domestic and commercial fire fighting purposes. It is lightweight very easy to handle and quick to deploy.
EXCALIBUR can be supplied as a ready to go Fire Hose Kit. complete with a shut off nozzle and fitted couplings.
Due to Excalibur's synthetic construction it is mildew resistant and therefore maintenance free. lt can be compactly stored when not in use. Excalibur comes with the 12 months full replacement warranty.
EXCALIBUR Hose is manufactured in Australia to AS2792-1992 Standard.


In environment where chemical or toxic spills may complicate fire fighting efforts, CAVALIER Hose has a protective polyurethane cover on the jacket. It is popular choice for industrial and fire fighting purposes. Apart from being an outstanding fire hose, the CAVALIER is a versatile hose that is also suitable for many high and low pressure liquid transfer jobs. CAVALIER is a sturdy and hardwearing layflat hose that can be easily stored when not in use.
The protective polyurethane jacket can be manufactured in a variety colours, ideal for identification purpose.


Professional fire brigades need the highest performing layflat fire hose. CENTURION has been approved for use by the NSW Fire Brigade and the CFA, as well as the ADF (Australian Defence Force). For extreme fire fighting conditions, a high pressure (Class H) fire hose is absolutely essential. With CENTURION hose fighting on your side, you have total peace of mind.
The CENTURION layflat fire hose has been constructed with the demands of professional fire fighting units in mind. The internal tightly woven polyester jacket makes this hose suitable for high pressure pumping applications, combined with protection against abrasion and exposure to the elements.
Usually this hose is supplied in 30m lengths but longer lengths can be made up to 200m. This twill-woven fire hose is made from polyester with a synthetic rubber lining and requires no drying after use.
CENTURION hose is manufactured in Australia to AS2792-1992 and carries an approval of the Australian Army DEF 5195A 1992 standard.


SABRE is Crusader Hose's premium percolating fire hose. This is a layflat percolating fire hose which allows precision engineered seepage of water under pressure through the hose fabric jacket. This percolating feature forms a water barrier on the hose jacket which protects the hose against the effects of heat and glowing embers.

Sabre fire hose can be manufactured from 25mm to 102mm diameter.

Its lightweight yet sturdy construction enables fire fighters to take this hose into dense bushfires, transporting the hose in backpacks. The hose is fully synthetic thus making it mildew resistant. As a result this hose is maintenance free so no drying is required after use.

Depending on the types of fires, you can choose from 3 grades of percolation - low, medium and high.

The SABRE Hose has the Australian Standard AS2792-1992.


RAPIER is a popular choice for both fire brigades and industrial plant fire protection. It is a high pressure Type 3 fire hose, which is manufactured with an extruded synthetic rubber cover. This extruded cover protects the hose against abrasion and chemical damage.
The interior lining and exterior coating on the fire hose jacket is made from PVC nitrile. This extruded cover is highly chemical and abrasion resistant .
In addition to the practical protection afforded by the polymer cover, the layflat hose is protected from being stained by oils and dirt.
The RAPIER hose has the Australian Defence Force DEF 5195A Standard of approval.

Hose TypeExcaliburCavalierCenturionSabreRapier
Burst PressureLow MediumMedium HighHighMedium HighMedium High
Diameter25mm - 102mm25mm - 102mm25mm - 102mm25mm - 102mm25mm - 102mm
Cover materialPolyesterPU CoatingPolyester PercolatingPVC
ColourWhite Red/AnyWhite WhiteRed/Any