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Tags, Pins & Rings
Product ImageProduct Code Product Description

P-PTG-A Aluminium Pull Tags
PULL printed both side of the label
P-OR-25 25mm dia o Ring
P-OR-32 32mm dia o Ring
P-CNR-B 4" Brass Chain for pins with rings
P-SP-M Safety Pins Metal - All types
P-SGP-SS Stainless Steel Spring Pins
P-OKP-P OK Plastic Pin
Neck-Ring must be fitted to fire extinguishers at the completion of the pressure test/ service. The collar can only be fitted to the extinguisher neck after the extinguisher head has been removed

This provides a guarantee that the service has been completed on the required date and to AS 1851 Part 1, and, negates all possible fraudulent activites surrounding the full completion of service.

The collers can be printed with your company name at a small extra cost.