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Rakehoes & Stowaway Break Apart Tools

Break Apart Tools are with tough fiber glass and with threaded system with least amount of joints

Poles are made out of strong injection Fiber Glass tubing, each screw joint connection is reinforced

Main Components are:

• Main Pole 1200 mm
• Extension pole 540 mm
• Ceiling Hook
• Broom / Squeegee
• D" Shovel Handle
• Shovel Head
• Rakehoe
• Stop Slow Aluminium Reflective Class 2 Signs

All These Parts Can Be Sold Separately

Rake Hoe are designed for fire fighting operation such as clearing, the fuel breaks & mopping up the fire. Rake Hoe features a combination of two tools formed on the same sheet of metal, one side has the rake formation used for raking the materials, the opposite side has slightly inclined flat blade that can be used for scraping, weeding, loosening and trimming. The speciality of Rake Hoe is that, each raking tooth is provided with small angle thus enabling the reinforcement for individual tooth which strengthens the teeth & the life of the product. Rake Hoes are provided with Socket and Wooden Handles.

Complies With Defence Requirement

P-RKO-C Rake Hoe with Wooden Handles
P-RKO-HA Rake Hoe Handles-Available in 1300mm
P-RKO-HE Rake Hoe Head with Socket
P-RKO-HE-D Rake Hoe Head with 1500mm Wooden Handle